Bringing The Comfort Of Assurance To The Customer 

Whom We Serve?

Property Buyer

For the first time, choose from a list of guaranteed properties

Unlike traditional portals, an investor can choose from a carefully curated list of properties that are guaranteed to appreciate in value. Assured Property showcases a wide variety of properties such as open plots, individual houses, apartments, villas, commercial complexes and more. All these properties come with an official assurance on their future value. Rest assured, your investment will be completely secure and guaranteed by Assured Property.

Professional Counsel from property experts

Once you have expressed a desire to buy a property from our portal, our property counsel team will get in touch with you. This team consists of real estate professionals who have vast experience in property assessment and valuation. You can learn about our policies, benefits and our services on when you buy a property through us. In addition to answering your queries, they will assist you in making a smart, informed decision regarding your investment.

With you throughout the purchase – Complete Purchase Support

Team Assured Property will assist you in the purchase formalities of the property. Customers can request for a site visit at no cost and inspect the property to their satisfaction. We can also arrange flexible schedules to suit your timings where our field officer will be assigned to assist you during the site visit.

Should you be interested to go ahead, our team will provide loan assistance to you from well noted banks at good interest rates and easy payment options. In addition to this, we will handle all the paperwork involved and oversee the registration formalities till the property is in your hands. 

Property Seller

Get an assurance on your property value

Every one estimates their property will go up in the future. But it’s always based on hearsay or the most recent property sale in your location. For the first time, you can get a certified assurance on your property’s future value. With Assured Property, you can know what the future value of your property will be in the coming 3-5 years. Going beyond mere lip service, Assured Property certifies the assurance with a legally registered agreement guaranteeing the property value growth in a specified time frame.

Keep a tab on your property growth from time to time

As time goes, a lot of factors influence and contribute to a property’s value. It may happen that a property’s value may either stay constant or shoot up dramatically. Assured Property keeps a regular tab on these conditions, monitoring the market conditions and studying contemporary property values. Based on this feedback, we will update the market value of your property on our site after informing you the same. This way, we keep the assurance transparent and up to date. 

Didn’t reach the assured value? We will buy back at the promised rate

Assured Property takes complete responsibility for a property’s assurance within a specified term. After this term, if the property has not reached the committed value, the buyback agreement comes into picture.

Assured Property’s buyback agreement offers a first-of-its-kind benefit to the property owner. In case the property doesn’t reach the assured value after the specified term, Assured Property will buy back the property from the customer at the assured price as per the agreement. This buyback guarantee can be availed by the property owner during the time of property assurance. By doing so, the owner is completely secure and confident about the future of his hard earned investment.

Need help in selling your property? Look no further

If at any point, the property owner wishes to sell his property, Assured Property will look for a prospective buyer on his behalf and oversee the selling formalities. Right from arranging site visits of the property, to price negotiations, to registration procedure and paperwork, we will ensure that the property is sold off at the assured price committed by us to the property owner.

All of these benefits can be availed by just registering on our portal and signing up for an assured property listing.


Why Choose Us ?

  • Only guaranteed properties
  • Counselling and Support
  • Single point contact for your queries
  • Free Site Visit
  • Bank Loan Assistance
  • Paperwork & Registration Formalities
  • After purchase support for future sale


Why Choose Us ?

  • First of its kind property assurance
  • No hidden brokerage charges
  • Sales Support
  • Free access to the assured property web portal
  • Free ad posting on the portal