• India's first real estate
    return assurance platform

    Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a real estate, we offer tremendous benefits to both with the assurance of property growth value.

  • Tension free
    real estate investment

    Make your investment reap high returns and multiply your money with safeguards against unlikely market risks. Get assured returns on real estate investments.

Is Real Estate Investment A Risk Investment?

Do you feel investing in real estate, requires a long period of commitment, a high down payment and is risky for you?

Is Real Estate Under A Threat Of Scams And Cheating?

Are you scared of investing your savings in properties and lands that might get a ride by scamsters and cheaters?

What Keeps You Away From Buying  ​A Property?

Fear of overpaying, not getting the perfect home, market change, loss in property value, commitment or maintenance costs?

Not Finding A Serious Buyer For Your Property?

Are you just stressing up yourself and wasting time, but still not getting any appropriate buyer for your property?

Buy Verified. Be Secured.

Assured Property is solving all your concerns to give you a Guaranteed AssuranceWe are 

India's First Real Estate Platform to provide Guaranteed Assurance to Buyers through a Legally Registered Agreement.

How do we make assurance and verification of properties?
  • Research by Experts and Reports
  • Moderation and Shortlisting of Properties
  • Physical Site and Ownership Verification
  • Legal Compliances check RERA etc
  • ROI Analysis
  • Follow Quality Process framework to assist buyers and sellers

Drafted by Professionals

Notarized Legal Document

ROI Assurance

Buyback Guarantee

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Brand Promise

“The responsibility is ours, all the way.”

Credibility of the Property

    Absolutely clean and verified properties without any litigations 
with authentic documentation.

Assurance of Appreciation

We will earmark by how much the
property is likely to increase in the next 
3-5 years. 

Sales Support

   We will assist in helping you buy 
the property; from documentation to registration.

Property Listings

Assured Property is a revolutionary online portal that helps customers buy “professionally verified and valued” properties.

At Assured Property, you can view two kinds of listings:

General Listings
Any customer can post their property on the portal free of cost. They are free to contact the sellers or agents and strike a deal with them for buying or selling the property.
Assured Listings

These are handpicked properties that have a realistic chances of growing in the future. Here, Assured Property takes full responsibility for each of the properties listed here.

We don't just show you the property; we are with you all the way through.

How we handhold the buyer through the entire sales cycle

No Brokerage Fees, Only Processing Fee 

We charge a nominal fee for providing our services.

Explain the process of Sale

From site visit to registration, we will take you through the entire sales cycle.

Dedicated Customer Care

Any queries? Our dedicated customer care is just a call away.

Time-Based Assurance on Returns

We will assure the future value of the property and estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) in a committed time period.

Legal Assistance and Registration

In case of any litigations, we will provide legal counsel and take you through the registration formalities.

Investment Brief about Property

We will give you a comprehensive brief about your investment options.

Dedicated Support Manager

We would appoint a dedicated accounts manager to support and assist you throughout the process at your convenience.

Site Visits

Our support manager will accompany you on the site visit; absolutely free of cost.

Loan Assistance

Nationalized or privately held banks; we will assist you in procuring a loan for your investment.

Assurance Agreement Execution

We will stand by our commitment by signing an assurance agreement that promises the potential of the property.

"When you buy from us, you don't just buy a Property. 

You buy the comfort of security and the confidence to deal with the future."